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Corona Positive Care

Corona is spreading at a very fast pace these days and if you have symptoms or found positive, you can take our Home Corona Positive Care Services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Pan India. Medicare Mission offers the best services and support to patients so they can recover faster and this may also help us prevent the spread further. We take care of everything from PPE kit to other equipment needed for the care and deliver it to your doorways. Our experts will be in touch with you online and guide you on how to take care of things.

Why Should You Get Our Corona Positive Care Services?

  • We are professional and trained and help you cure and recover in Home isolation.
  • We deliver a proper Corona Care kit to your doorway that contains equipment that helps you keep check on your body temperature and more.
  • We provide online consultation with nutritionist once a week and twice  in a week with a physiotherapist.
  • We take note of your condition and guide you in case of worsening of symptoms.
  • We have trained and professionals in our team provide the best support.

Get In Touch!

Email us your specific doubts or enquiries, we’d be happy to support. We promise our Corona Positive Care Package will ease things for you in this tough time. We offer our COVID Positive Care Services in Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and all over PAN India. Let us help you defeat the disease together.

Note: The information mentioned above is for general understanding, don’t consider it as final. Check all the terms and conditions and speak with our experts for more details.

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