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Respiratory Exercise

When it comes to exercise for the COVID-19 patient, it is important to be extra precautionary because, during the condition, the patient may experience a shortage of breath. We at Medicare Mission provide online consultation and guide you what Respiratory Exercise can work for you, as per your body type or your condition at that particular time. We value your health and recommend you only the best.

Benefits Of Our Home Isolation Packages:

  • We guide all the measures that can help you recover faster and reduce your risk of adverse outcomes.
  • We send you our essential medical kit that will help you check your body temperature, pulse rate and other activities.
  • We will monitor your health with time on-call and guide you to take action accordingly.
  • We provide online consultation with a physiotherapist once in a week for better support.

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Note: The information mentioned above is for general understanding, don’t consider it as final. Check all the terms and conditions and speak with our experts for more details.

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